I want you to feel comfortable with your decision to work with us. Know that I receive most of my business from our previous clients' who refer their friends, family, and work associates to us. Here's just a small sampling of what some of my clients have said from Zillow and Personal letters:

Stephanie Limbacker

I would like to let you know how much you have made a difference in my life. As a new homebuyer I was terrified to even think about what I would have to do to get started. The day we met, you were so informative. I found out things I would have never known. I really appreciate you taking your time with me and answering any questions I had. Making sure I was comfortable with what choices I had to make. I was nervous that I wouldn't find anything I liked and of course I did. {smile} You made me feel that there was something out there for me. And sure enough I found a home that I fell in love with. Thank you so much for being so nice and helpful. You made a big difference. I plan on recommending you to everyone I know looking for a home. My son and I will be forever grateful to you. 

Connie and Bobby Jones

You are truly amazing and what I mean by that is that you seem to go the extra step. I guess that is why you are a pleasure to be around. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I have chosen a special gift for you to hang outside your back door. Everytime you hear a sound think of us because we will be thinking of you! 

Robin Cavazos

"My God, where do I start?? I need 10 separate 'thank you' cards for you! I have so enjoyed working with you. You are such a blessing! I can't begin to thank you enough for bending over backwards (and sideways!) to help me find a home. I hope you're not to eager to get rid of me...I'd love to stay in touch! Thanks again for everything! 


Carolyn is a wonderful person to work with! She is is so nice, knowledgable, and full of life! If you want to buy a house Carolyn will do everything in her power to find you exactly what you are looking for with absolutley no pressure. If you want to sell a house she will make sure you sell it hassle free! She is a very enjoyable person to be around and will shoot you straight on any questions you have. She is an extermely hard worker because she strives to make her clients 100% happy!

We have had a few realtors in the past and it wasn't so pleasant. Dont go down that road! Just give Carolyn a call and she will take care of you. Carolyn has one trait that tops all others. She is trustworthy! She will do right by you no matter what! She helped us buy a house we loved and she helped us sell it for a profit after only being on the market for 6 days! What else can we say...? She is the best!


I was moving from Oklahoma to Texas when my relocation company put me in touch with Carolyn. She immediately asked questions about my preferences and set to work sending me options. During my visits to Texas to look for homes she made optimal use of my time showing me homes that fit my needs. Given I was out of state she did many of the visits with inspectors (my first house failed inspection) and kept me informed at all times. The house I finally purchased had issues on the day of closing. Carolyn masterfully negotiated a resolution instead of walking away, which the other agent seemed happy to do, and it's because of her I'm in a home I absolutely LOVE. She's amazing and was recommended by a friend of mine - not only would I recommend her, I'd recommend her to my family and friends.


Highly recommended! Very professional and highly trusted. True honor to work with.

12/16/2010 - SoCal JonBought a Single Family home 

Happy clients, R + C Garza

My Wife and I were first time home buyers. We were very uninformed about the process of buying homes and what we should look for. Carolyn was masterful at telling us what was good or bad about the homes we looked at. She was very available and responded in a timely matter every time we reached out. If you are a seasoned home buyer or a new home buyer, I recommend that you call Carolyn. She will find you the home that you really need!


I know it seems difficult to believe that anyone deserves 5 stars, but Carolyn is wonderful to work with. She is always available and responsive with helpful information. She knows the real estate business and the Austin areas extensively. 

We trust her so much that after working with her for a week, we returned to MI and depended on her to make decisions on properties based on her expertise and understanding of our tastes and needs. She called us as she walked through homes we were interested in, sent numerous pictures, and provided honest feedback. The result has been the purchase of a home we are extremely happy with.

I strongly recommend Carolyn to anyone that is interested in a professional who puts the needs of her clients first and fulfills her obligations with both integrity and efficiency!


We emailed Carolyn as a Premier Agent for a rental listing we saw late on a Sunday afternoon just 2 weeks ago. She contacted us within 15 minutes and thus the search began for our rental home. Email notices began arriving quickly with available rentals in areas we discussed as possibilities. She is professional, honest, friendly and the most knowledgeable agent we have dealt with. We highly recommend her and look forward to working with her in the future.


Carolyn is the best realtor we've ever worked with! She helped us sell our house quickly and for the price that we wanted. She helped us find a new home that we love. She really knows the Austin area well, and showed us lots of properties in the area we wanted to live. She assisted us with our VA loan process and made sure we closed on time. Carolyn is a very honest and knowledgeable realtor. She's also a really nice person!


When moving back to Austin, we needed to find a home for rent quickly. Carolyn found us a great home that we lived in for 3 years. Then, when it came time to buy, she continued to work with us and in our behalf. She found a home for us and made the stressful process of buying, virtually pain free! I not only would recommend her...but I have recommended her. Feedback has been nothing but positive from friends and colleagues. She has given us excellent advise on improving our home and continues to be an invaluable resource!


Carolyn is the best realtor that I have ever dealt with!!! She is a top notch realtor, but she always makes you feel like you are her only client. She is unbelievably responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and always goes the EXTRA mile. She helped my wife and I buy a foreclosure earlier this year. We could not be happier with the house and the OUTSTANDING job that she did in negotiating a great deal. Carolynalways knew what needed to be done and made it happen.


I've bought three and sold two homes through Carolyn and Rob and they have always taken great care of me. They were tireless through the whoe process of searching, finding just the right home, and getting the daunting approval process completed. They made the whole process easy and worked with me to ensure all my VA paperwork just right. I'm so happy with my home!


We were first assigned Carolyn Abbott through a company relocation program back in 2001 and since then we've used her to sell and buy houses as recently as June 2011. The first time she sold a house for us her detailed staging tips made our house look like a model home. The house sold the second day it was listed to the second people who walked through. We used her to find our next home and her instincts for what kind of house and neighborhood we would be happy with was totally on the mark. The second time she sold a house for us in June 2011 we were skeptical that we would be able to sell at all with the market being what it is, but the price we got for the house was fair and it sold in about a month. We would absolutely recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking for a good real estate agent.


I have purchased 2 investment properties with the help of Carolyn. I met her once in Austin and she took me around to look at a bunch of properties which all matched my initial definition and constraints. I found her to be very honest, experienced, helpful, thorough and above all else, trustworthy. I even purchased my second property completely based on her recommendation, without even physically seeing it. I would recommend Carolyn without any reservations to owner occupants or to real estate investors.


Carolyn has been one of the best Realtors we've ever worked with. My wife and I live in California so it's especially important to have an expert on the ground in Austin and Carolyn is certainly that and more. We flew out for one day only, and in that time Carolyn took us literally all over Austin and the surrounding areas. She showed us each area and described its history and where it was heading in real estate. We were able to make a very informed decision and have been completely happy with our purchases. We've bought two houses with Carolyn and they've both been doing very well. (We also have both houses with her husband Rob who is the property manager, and Rob is also a godsend.) We were first referred to Carolyn (and Rob) by long time good friends of ours who had bought properties from Carolyn a few years prior. They in turn, had been referred by friends who had bought properties with Carolyn years prior. My wife and I bought our properties approximately 6 years ago. We in turn referred Carolyn to good friends, and they also bought a couple of houses. That right there is 4 generations of referrals and great property buying with Carolyn (and managing by Rob) spanning well over the last 10 years. We couldn't be happier. Results speak for themselves. 4 generations of referrals - multiple houses purchases each - great buying experience with super knowledgeable realtor - (safe and secure manager taking care of our assets -Rob) Being long distance owners, we couldn't have asked for more. We sleep well at night knowing we bought good properties in the types of areas we targeted, at the price we wanted, that have consistently appreciated as we expected. Thank you Carolyn! (and Rob!)


My husband and I have bought 5 homes in 5 different cities in 14 years, and we are currently shopping for our 6th house in yet, another new city. Carolyn was our agent for our 5th house in Round Rock, TX and we wish that she could help us with our California purchase! Other realtors have been ok, but they have failed in comparison to Carolyn! She always answers her phone, returns messages, dots every “I” and crosses every “T”. Her level of service surpasses that of our other realtors by a landslide!

Carolyn and her husband Rob now manage our rental property in Texas and they have handled that with their usual care, professionalism, & excellent level of service. In summary, I can't say enough good about them!


Carolyn helped us find and buy a house in the Austin area. Friends recommended her to us. Working with Carolyn, we felt that we have a trusted advisor that has the knowledge and resources to help us make the right decisions and has our interests as her top priority. This feeling was based on facts; on few occasions she researched and found info that killed potential deals but protected our interests (including one case where it happened after we put an offer on a house). Carolyn is fun to work with. She very quickly understood what we are looking for and zoomed the search on qualified houses. We know we will work with her on our next purchase and would strongly recommend her to others.


Carolyn is AWESOME! She showed us a lot of homes in several different areas to help us choose a location that was right for us. She not only showed us homes, but provided a great deal of information regarding the areas and schools. We looked over an extended period of time and Carolyn always kept a look out for new homes that we might be interested in. Not only did she help us find and purchase a home here, but also helped answer questions we had dealing with the sale of our home in another state. She was always available for any questions we had. I could list example after example of the ways Carolyn helped us. She went above and beyond what any other realtor we have had has done. if you want an AWESOME realtor, and an equally incredible person, choose Carolyn Abbott!!


My husband and I were referred to Carolyn this past year when we were looking to purchaes our first home. We had to find our house and tie up all loose ends in roughly one month, as we were in a time crunch. Carolyn was more than we ever expected of an agent. She worked to help us find what was right for us, regardless of price. She didn't steer us into a more expensive property or an area we didn't like. She was willing to show us whatever we wanted to see and spent so much time with my family. She is diligent, masterful in what she does, and dedicated to working passionately for her clients. After working her magic, we found the perfect home for our family and she answered every question along the way. She was present throughout the entire process. She will make herself available to her clients long after the papers are signed. Carolyn is more than an excellent agent, she is a person anyone would like to know. She is warm, friendly, and giving. She is the kind of agent that buyers can trust and rely on. Use her for your agent and thank me later.


Carolyn is a highly professional real estate agent, knowledgeable, goes beyond being helpful to orchestrate all transactions with great attention to detail resulting in a smooth, complete, sale/closing and makes it a win - win situation for both buyers and sellers.  She is unique and one of a kind in her profession.

Carolyn is my realtor for life!! Her kindness, professionalism and knowledge of the real estate realm is unsurpassed only by her patience willingness and to educate her clients and she goes the extra mile to find you the perfect home, no matter how long it takes.. I have referred her to many, including family members to aid them in their real estate needs.  Her husband Rob is a very professional property manager and looks out for the leasee and leasor,  Tho they are married they keep their businesses separate and are both willing to help each others clients if need be.

We were buying our first house, and a friend highly recommended Carolyn. My husband and I knew nothing about home buying, so we put a lot of trust in Carolyn, someone we did not know. Her first question was what area of Austin we were looking, and we had no idea, so we talked price, schools, neighborhoods, and the future ability to resell. We narrowed it down to Pflugerville, Round Rock, or North Austin, so then she asked us specifics on the house: brick vs. siding, square footage, number of bedrooms, age of home, etc. She set us up to receive emails when a new listing went up according to our specifications. 

After about a month of receiving emails, we picked out several houses we wanted to go see, and Carolyn picked us up personally and took us to all of them 2 or 3 separate times. We also talked to several builders that Carolyn has good relationships with about building new homes. We went back and saw a few houses more than once. 

Once we found the perfect house, the process was easy. Carolyn negotiated down from the selling price and had the refrigerator put in the deal as well. 

Carolyn thought of things we never would have, like which way the sun would shine in the house in the morning and evenings. She also made sure to do a final walkthrough before closing to make sure all necessary repairs had been completed.




Byron and Lavon Lee

"...talking about a surprise! I was really surprised when I received my Birthday card from you. But, when I got your precious little Get Well card, well, you could have blown me over with a straw!!! Honest!!! You never think about your Realtor caring that much to participate in even your unpleasant events of your life! 

Anyway, thanks for your love and concern. We still want you all to come over some night and let's play cards or something. We grew very fond of you during our negotiations for our darling little house. Thanks again for the sweet cards! You are very thoughtful. 

Lyn Shelley

"We just opened the announcement of your Real Estate award, naming you Top Team. You guys deserve it! John and I are very pleased with the service we are getting from you. And be assured that just as soon as we close the deal on the house you find for us, not only will we be writing a letter of praise to your company, we will be referring you to any and everyone interested in buying or selling a house!"

Joe and Terri Wallace

"We are very pleased to recommend the Abbott Realty team.  Carolyn 
Abbotts' recent handling of the sale of our house, has restored our faith in 
the real estate profession. After a bad experience previously, we now know 
that not all agents are alike. Because of her combined knowledge and experience of the ever changing real estate market, and her strong communication skills, we had a signed and accepted contract on our house in only 8 days. Even after the signing, they continued to stay in touch. We always knew what was going on, and what would be happening next.   Carolyn made us feel like we were their only clients, even though we know that they have many others. We are sure that you will be just as impressed with Carolyn as we were. Though Carolyn started out as our 
real estate agent, we now count her among our friends." 

Brandi and Jason Mouser

(we) are writing you both this letter of appreciation in the hopes you will put it onsite as a reference. I want to tell you how much we thank you for everything that you did for us. When we put our house up for sale with you, we were both very frustrated with the real estate market. Since we had had it with another Realtor for 6 months and had no success, we were certain that we probably could not sell our home. Thankfully some friends of ours referred us to you! We never could have dreamed that you could get us a full price offer in only 9 days! 

We will refer everyone we know tha needs a Realtor to you both. Your Professionalism, commitment, and determination to work for your clients is extraordinary, not to mention that you both are so fun to be around. Not only did we get TWO great Realtors, we made new friends for a lifetime. We plan to keep in touch with you both. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! 

[Internet Contact Only] Kimberly

Thank you so much for all your help! I feel you have gone above and beyond what the average real estate Agent would do. I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to work with me on behalf of (my parents). My dad has congestive heart failure and I have tried to do the "leg work" for them. You have made this an easy process. Again, thank you for all of your help. 

Luis and Elsa Dominguez

Just wanted to respond to your call last week. We were very pleased to hear from you, especially since it has been a year since you sold our house...Just wanted to let you know we would not consider any other real estate agents (for ourselves or to recommend) other than you... details like the follow-up call & mailings just reinforces this! 

Kara and Richard Chilleri

"THANK YOU!!!!! I just want to say a personal thanks to you for being absolutely wonderful and patient with Kara and I through the house sale. I have found in you a perfect referral source for home purchases!! I hope I can send you some great, qualified leads. I will do my best!! I really mean what I said, Thanks for being so cool!! I will see you I guess in a couple of weeks? Have a great day and make lots of $$$$. 

Lori Aroch

"I wanted to thank you again so much for all the hard work, oh and of course the patience too! i have had such a pleasant experience working with you and i'll definately keep you in mind for future ventures..." 

Jim and Paula McPherson

"Working for a large company, we have been required to move several times in our career. We have never been better represented. You are true professionals in every sense of the word. You were always available to assist in any way, made great recommendations on the sale of our house, and to answer our sometimes silly questions. 

Selling a home in less than a week has got to be unusual, but you did it. I am so grateful that we chose to (use you) to sell our home. Please feel free to use our names if you ever need a recommendation.

Nancy Craft

Nancy Craft ...At this point, we feel you would be the best agent for us, after speaking with 5 others today. Kate & I were very impressed with your enthusiasm and thorough evaluation of our property. Thanks again for meeting with us on such short notice. I look forward to working with you. 

Kevin and Gina Dill

Rob and Carolyn, Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new home and thank you for the part you played in making it happen. From returning phone calls, to answer all my questions, we couldn't have asked for better service. You made what can be a very scary and stressful time in our life's pleasant and enjoyable due to your expertise and commitment. I would highly recommend you (and I do every time a get the chance) to anyone buying or selling a home. Thanks again, Kevin and Gina Dill

I've known Rob and Carolyn for several years, starting with their assistance with purchase of an investment property in Austin to subsequent property management service, and I have come to totally trust their local knowledge and respect their professional advice. They are easy to work with, bring the highest level of professionalism, very attentive to your needs, and are really nice people. And did I mention that I'm in CA? I'm able to sleep at night knowing that they're taking care of my property. I highly recommend Rob and Carolyn.

- Highly likely to recommend

09/08/2013 - user9740855

Abbott Property Management

  Thanks for everything, I appreciate all your support & understanding.  I will keep you in mind if and when I need a real estate agent for when I move, I will also send you referrals.  It feels great to work with someone that is professional and has integrity.  Very hard to find these days!

D. York, Homeowner


 "Rob Abbott is a great property manager, he is reliable, honest and someone both the tenant and the property owner can trust.  I would highly recommend Rob Abbott as a property manager."

 E. Friedman, Homeowner & Investor


 Thanks again for all your professionalism & extra effort you put into
this. You don' know how much I/we appreciate you rising to the
occasion. Actually you probably do know which is why you rose to the
task at hand which is, taking care of clients as Realtor partners.
After all it take 2 of us to make things happen.

  Occasionally I have clients that need management companies. I will
suggest you as an option not only to my clients but also to our team
(if you'd like). Your systems are obviously in place as is your care
and competence.

 Steve Austin, Prospect Real Estate Solutions, LLC

Rob Abbott
Rob Abbott
13740 N Highway 183 Ste D2 Austin TX 78750